Saturday, April 15, 2017

A Trip to Costco Had Obviously Been Made

The plan was to wake up at 5:00 this morning, get some homework done, and then go to the tutorial. However, my body didn’t obviously like that plan as I slept through my alarm and I woke up in a panic at 7:00 with just enough time to get dressed, grab some coffee, and rush to the car.

Although Don’s previous email had stated that it would be obvious where to go once I arrived at De Anza, I was still nervous that I would manage to get myself lost, and so I was grateful when I saw Don unpacking his car out front and he was able to direct me where to go.
Don  brought snacks!

The tutorial itself started quite late due to the unreliability of technology. However, that did not stop us and while we waited for various screens to load, we read all 50 pages of the packet that was handed out, and before long, the tutorial was underway.

Don started by discussing his various personalities: Evil Don, Tickled Pink Don, Shifty don, Frustrated Don, Good Don, Flamethrower Don, and Guantanamo Don. (You don’t want to meet him.) I found this amusing, and it was a good was to start the tutorial. After that light-hearted moment, we were told very sternly the expectation for answering emails and phone calls. We also went over formatting and inserting photos into the blog. Don had us draft a blog to make sure that we had no major mistakes and posting without thinking, I did have a major mistake. I did not justify both the right and left hand margins. (This is a BIG no-no.) Hopefully I have learned from this mistake and it won’t happen again. Not having much time to spare as some ILCers had to leave early, we quickly jumped into learning all about taking good pictures and how to upload pictures to MediaFire. Once we all felt like we could take proficient pictures without coaching, we were sent to the front of the school to take some pictures.

What a friendly sign.
Once outside, no one really knew what to take photos of, so there were a lot of photos of random things we saw around the school, such as an ambulance and sign. However, we soon got in our groove and started to take photos of each other, mostly silly. We found a plant covered wall to which we jokingly referenced Hogwarts due to an earlier rant by Don and before we knew it, it was time to go back inside.

Once inside, we practiced some more uploading of pictures and blogging, but the majority of the time was spent listening to Don talk about various details about our trips. This varied from BART fare, to public speaking, to bedspread. Maybe sensing our restlessness and stiff joints from sitting for a while, Don told us to stand up and do some interactive learning.

Smashed in an awkward lump, we watched how Don attached and detached a computer lock from his laptop and place it back into its small little red bag. Then it was our turn. Fortunately, this was not hard for anyone to master, and after a few more don’t-do-this stories, it was time to help Don clean up and go home.

Although this tutorial did take a big chunk out of my Saturday, it was definitely worthwhile. I learned a lot of specifics that needed to be known, and I had a blast with all of the other ILCers and their silly remarks. If anything, this tutorial just make me even more thankful for my scholarship and more excited to go to Brown! Even though we don’t have air conditioning and nice dorms like Chicago, we will have an unbelievable time bonding over our much-needed umbrellas. 
I look forward to going to Brown with these lovely ladies!

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