Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Serra Adult School Cannot Close!

I arrived at the school board meeting early, mostly out of fear of what would happen if I was late. I met with the few students who were there and chatted with them about various topics until more people (including the chaperones) arrived. Once everyone had arrived, Don instructed us to meet in our cohorts and take this time to get to know our chaperone.
Kendra and Myself
So, I took advantage of this opportunity, and once in our little huddle I got to know my chaperone, the lovely Kendra Emerson, a little better. We started by introducing ourselves and she worked very hard to make sure that she could pronounce our names correctly for the presentation. After that, our discussion turned to what we should do for our group meet up which is rapidly approaching. We all agreed that we didn’t want food to be the center of our meet up so when Kendra brought up the idea of doing something artistic instead, we jumped at the idea. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to chat for long as the meeting was started.

Like most meetings, this one started late and so we took advantage of the opportunity and continued to talk until the meeting started. Although the ILC was supposed to present after the introductions of the meeting, we got bumped behind the public concerns which although in the moment felt frustrating, it turned out to be very enlightening. I really enjoyed listening to people talk about things that they were passionate about and in general, seeing how a school board works.
Waiting for the meeting to start.
Bianche looking fabulous
Once it was our turn to present, we quickly stood up and assembled with our flags in front of us. Don shared some impressive statistics and the chaperons and student speakers did a very good job. I was very impressed by some of the programs that my fellow ILCers will be taking part in!

Once our presentation was over, we quickly went outside to take some pictures. Although it took a few tries to get photos where there wasn’t someone pushing hair out of their face, (it was windy) it was generally a quick process. Once that was over, groups were able to take individual pictures if they desired and so my cohort took a series of very nice pictures. Once that was over, I chatted with people for a few more minutes, took a few more photos, and walked to the car.

In general, I’m very glad that this meeting was a requirement for the ILC members to go to. Not only did I experience what a school board meeting was like, but I was also able to become even closer with my cohort and meet my chaperone! I can’t wait until we have our meet up and bond even further! 

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