Saturday, June 3, 2017

Meet Balloon and Phillip

Last evening, I had the opportunity to hang out with my fellow cohort and our chaperone Kendra. The rest of my cohort got a ride with Kendra, and so I met them there. The plan for this outing was to paint some pottery at “Color Me Mine” in Lafayette and then walk around the corner and eat some food at Roam Artisan Burgers, and that exactly what we did.

Once Kendra parked the car and everyone got out, we took a picture in front of the store, and then went in to begin painting. Although there were a lot of good choices of what to paint, I chose to paint a hippo whom I named “Balloon” after noticing a balloon painted on the wall. Kendra chose to paint a pig, Esmerelda chose to paint a dog, Bianche chose an owl mug, Zunarah a flower, and finally, Kelsey painted a bowl.

Meet Balloon
I thought that choosing what we wanted to paint would be the hardest and most time-consuming part, however, that showed itself to not be the case. After taking forever deciding which piece of pottery to paint, we then proceeded to take forever to choose our colors and designs. However, despite our indecisiveness, we all left with pieces of pottery that we were proud of, even though that meant leaving after their closing time.

Once we left “Color Me Mine,” we walked around the corner to take some pictures in front of the Roam Artisan Burgers logo before going inside. These turned out great, which is good considering that Kendra risked her life going out into the street to take them for us.

After we took some pictures, we went inside Roam Artisan Burgers to actually order. I tried the Kombucha (the newest tea trend) before ordering in hopes that I would like it, but instead I was disappointed as to me it just tasted like sparkling beer which isn’t really my thing. Therefore, I instead decided to order a water and a veggie burger, both which showed themselves to be delicious. 

The Kombucha is the pink drink.
After dinner, we all had food babies (I named mine Philip) and so we decided to walk around a little bit to see if we could get them to diminish. Although the shops were closed, we still looked through the windows and had a grand time. We made our way to Safeway where Bianche’s mom picked her up, and from there we decided that we should head home to.
Don't look at Zunarah's hands.
The drive home went quickly, despite getting lost several times, and we had a very nice conversation. I’ve very thankful that Kendra was able to take me home, as I knew that she went out of her was to do it. In general, the whole night was a lot of fun, and I hope that we can take that hike we mentioned before we leave for Brown! 

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