Friday, June 16, 2017

The Patchy Nose

Meet Balloon. Balloon was brought to life at the Color Me Mine studio in Lafayette. I chose to paint him because in my opinion, he was the cutest out of all the options. I debated for a good 15 minutes about which colors to paint him and ended up landing on light blue, with purple, black, white, and light green accents. This turned out to be a good choice, a bad.

Although I loved the color scheme and thought he looked like a nursery figure, I was a little disappointed in the way that his snout and other areas were a little patchy and not fully covered. Of course, this was my fault, as the sample of the color was patchy as well. I chose to simply ignore the patchiness of the sample, thinking that I would just paint several coats and it would fix the problem. Unfortunately, that did not do the trick and I am left with a patchy hippo. Luckily, I’ve grown to like his patchiness, and it, as well as him, will be displayed proudly on my desk.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to create Balloon, and even more so, to bond with my cohort. I think that it was a great was for us to get to know each other and bond before we head off on our trip. Get ready for us Rhode Island!  

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