Sunday, June 4, 2017

Course Offerings at UPenn

The University of Pennsylvania may be known for being a top party school, but they are also known for having excellent academics and a wide array of courses. UPenn has 4 undergraduate schools, 12 graduate schools, 3 teaching hospitals, and more than 100 research centers. Within the undergrad program, 89 majors are offered.

The majors offered in the undergraduate degree include a widely diverse array of options. Students can decide to major in topics under the headings: economics, nursing, engineering, applied science, or bachelor of the arts. Some examples of majors that fall under these headings are: Africana Studies, Romance Languages, Visual Studies, Digital Media Design, Computer Science, Nursing, Accounting, Real Estate, and Statistics.

Of course, some of these majors are more popular than others. The most popular majors at the University of Pennsylvania, with the average freshman retention rate at 98 percent are: Finance, General, Registered Nursing/ Registered Nurse, Economics, and General and Biology/ Biological Sciences.

However, the University of Pennsylvania is not known just for their undergraduate program. Within their graduate program, the University offers a variety of more than 100 programs in extremely selective schools, such as the Wharton School. Some of the programs included in these schools are: Behavioral and Decision Sciences, Education, Dental Medicine, Music, and Religious Studies.
Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

In general, the classes and majors that the University of Pennsylvania offers are not particularly unique, and can be found in colleges and universities all around the world. However, the vast amount and variety of classes that they offer, all in one space, is what truly makes them unique.

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