Monday, March 6, 2017

Four Seasons, Four Hours

Today was the first day we had all been in the same place, our location, the San Pablo Library. When I arrived Zunarah was standing out in the cold bundled up in many layers. Together we found two more of the girls, Kelsey and Bianche, sitting in Limon. We sat and talked about many different things yet the reoccurring topic was MESA day, as we waited for Don to arrive.

Throughout the short amount of time we were together, we saw all four seasons within 10 minutes of each other. Once we had taken a few pictures outside of the library we took a trip to Contra Costa College. When we arrived Kelsey and I realized that we had been at the college every day of that week and the trend would continue for another week. After the realization, we managed to take many photos but only about five pictures with our eyes open. Once we finished up we made our way back to the library. 
Our cohort consists of Zunarah, Amelia, Kelsey, myself, and Bianche. (Left to Right)

Upon entering the library, we found that the Wi-Fi connection was very slow, but as the story go slow and steady wins the race. As a team, we easily decided upon the design of our blog site. This allowed us to begin working on our profile which we found was a very slow process. 

Through this time together I concluded that this experience will be one of a kind. We all bring something to the table and complement each other and the events that will transpire will be one of a kind. This was the first step in our journey together.

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