Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Opening the Door to a New Beginning

Just  a year ago, participating in a program such as the Ivy League Connection seemed to be a dream that was out of reach; however here I was today, along with my cohort setting up the blog for our trip to Brown this summer. It was our first time getting together since the interview, and it was honestly quite a splendid way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I arrived at the location, the San Pablo Library at 11:45, ready to get to work. I stepped out of my car to see no one there.  Just as I was about to call Don, I thankfully saw Esmeralda come out of her car. I say thankfully because it was absolutely freezing, despite me layering up for the snow. The two of us walked into the next door ice cream shop to find Kelsey and Bianche. While waiting for the Don, we spent the time catching up on the past few weeks after the interview, which was really nice.

Once Don arrived, we got straight to work. We began by snapping casual head shot photos. There was still about an hour left until the library would open, so we sat in Don's car and received a crash course on blogging, going over everything from format to content. 

In the midst of all the sunshine and rain, Amelia arrived! That's when we began taking our group photos. We tried out a bunch of different poses, and struggled to keep our eyes open, but there weren't many options for the background.  A few of us had suggested going down the street to Contra Costa College, as we would have many more options for backgrounds there. The campus was empty, but it was really nice to walk around and enjoy the incredibly bipolar weather. 

We all managed to keep our eyes open!
We got some great shots, but we decided that it was time to head back and get started on the blog. As Don scanned our medical cards, we realized none of us had any major preferences on designing the blog. We kept everything relatively simple with the color scheme matching that of Brown's and we finished sooner than expected.

I've started to really enjoy spending time with my cohort and I know that this summer will be absolutely unforgettable. Just within a few hours we learned quite a lot about each other, and now I can rest assured knowing that I will have have amazing company with me at Brown in just a few months time.  

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  1. If any of you have paid attention to what I've been telling you, I've said many times over that EVERYTHING we have you do is for a reason. Such was the case on Sunday. This sessions wasn't just to get your blog site personalized. It was designed for the five of you to get to know each other better in a friendly atmosphere--to bond with each other. And, to that end, it seems to have been a success.

    Plus, we got some nice photos out of it.