Saturday, April 15, 2017

Someone Has Technology Karma

Today I woke up at 6 AM and couldn’t resist the urge to close my eyes for a few more minutes. After procrastinating to get up for about 30 minutes, I told myself to stop being lazy and just got up. I got ready and drove down to De Anza High School, where everyone would be meeting up for the tutorial. As I exited my car I saw Zunarah pull up behind me, and we walked towards the ILC banner together. I walked into the computer room and met with all the other wonderful cohorts. I think it’s safe to say that we were all pretty exhausted, especially since this was the first week of school after Spring Break.

After saying good morning, we all found a seat and sat down in front of a computer. The first technical issue raised when a few computers wouldn’t connect to the Internet, then a teacher explained to Don that only the first two rows had working USB ports. Don looked like he saw a ghost, when he heard that. I began to wonder jokingly if someone had technology karma, since our laptops weren't working at the library the last time we met up as well.

Then the technical difficulties started to really begin, it was like all technology in the room didn’t want to cooperate. Don eventually had to even switch laptops because his wasn’t working. He simply grabbed his backup and plugged it in. I was really impressed that Don came prepared like that, I would have never thought of bringing an entire extra laptop. This just showed me how valuable being prepared really is.
After some time, Don began to just explain the tutorial without his laptop. We were warned about the types of "Don's" we can encounter if we aren’t careful. We were also reminded how important it is to check emails since things in the ILC are happening rapidly. This tip can not only benefit me in the ILC but for life in general. Getting into the habit of checking your emails every day can really aid you in real life because it shows how punctual, responsible, and reliable you are.

Don also said something that made a lot of sense and I take for granted. We all have cellphones, yet we rarely ever make calls, so what’s the point of even having one? Plus, things get accomplished so much more quickly with a 30 second phone call, then back and forth texting for over 45 minutes. I think that I will take advantage of using my phone to actually make calls more, instead of just leaving a text.

After praying that Don's laptop would connect to the projector, it finally did and he opened up the pdf of the tutorial on the overhead. We went over more important elements and directions until we decided to go outside and practice taking pictures. Me and Esmerelda partnered up and we took pictures of each other, experimenting with what different angles, lighting, and more does to a photo. It was really funny to see everyone acting like models. Especially when we didn’t know what pose to do, or what background we should take advantage of.
Me modeling in front of some nice greenery.
Time really does fly. The pieces are coming together, and soon me and my cohort will be off to Brown together.
From left to right: Esmeralda Topete, Bianche Cordova, Kelsey Hetheringon, Amelia Meacham, Zunarah Ahmad


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