Sunday, April 16, 2017

T'was a Success

I woke up at 5 o'clock this morning incredibly confused; my lights were still on, my laptop was still open, and my headphones were still intact. Forgetting to set my alarm, I told myself I would wake up by 6. I put everything away, turned my light off, and drifted back to sleep. I'm sure that we could all definitely agree that waking up in the morning is not an easy task, especially when you're a deep sleeper like myself. After my dad's multiple attempts to wake me up, I had gotten out of bed at 7, and was out the door by 7:45.

For the sixth day this week, I was headed off to what I would practically call my second home-- De Anza High School. Arriving with 5 minutes to spare, I met with Kelsey who had also just arrived. We made our way to our way to the Information Technology Academy of the school and got settled in our seats. We were all supposed to get to work at 8 o'clock sharp, but as we all know, things do not always according to plan. Initially people were just having trouble logging onto the computers, but once logged on many began to experience connection issues. Don also had trouble connecting his laptop to the projector. Whilst troubleshooting, I realized that I talk A LOT, and not very quietly either, Robson suggested I should learn sign language.  After dealing with all of the technological issues, we got to work at about 9.

Don presented us an incredibly dense 50 page packet of everything and anything ILC related. Briefly going through the process and expectations of blogging, Don had us write a quick practice blog and then we moved onto the more fun stuff-- photography! He explained the importance of having an actual camera versus just using a good old smartphone. We all then made our way outside to practice taking pictures, which gave us a chance to all talk to one another. I, not being the most photogenic individual, took more pictures rather than being in them; however all of us just being outside taking pictures was really nice. After about 15 minutes or so we headed back inside.
Robson was the most photogenic of us all.
Once we came back inside, we uploaded our photos to MediaFire, which is where we will be uploading all of our pictures this summer. Don then discussed the dorms, what and what not to pack, how to keep our items secure, and mainly just what to expect when we head back east. We had a little practice round of securing our laptops with a laptop security cable, which it definitely quite handy, especially while traveling. Once that was over, all that was left to do was clean up the room and then we were done for the day. I helped Raqeeb and Cecilia (who I learned has a love for cutting things), take down the ILC poster out front, bid everyone farewell, and then made my way home.

I would definitely say that today was a success; there may have been some minor set backs, but having the chance to spend the day with such amazing people was such a great experience. Everyone was incredibly kind and friendly, and I am definitely glad that I got to meet every single one of them. I absolutely love meeting new people, I enjoyed today quite a bit. It brought us all much closer.With about two months left before heading to Brown, my patience really is being tested. I have no doubt that I am going to have an absolutely amazing time over on the east coast, I can't wait!
Can't wait to spend my summer with them!

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