Saturday, April 15, 2017

Overall a Great Day

The day was supposed to start at eight o’clock sharp but due to technological setbacks we started around nine o’clock. As our day progressed we learned many things like how to stay away from “Evil Don,” tips on how to take pictures, the cable test, and most of all don’t trust technology to do something when you want it to. 

Right off the bat we started by writing a practice blog to work on our formatting. Don gave us the freedom for the content and I took this a little overboard. While everyone else either wrote about nothing in general or a movie review I decided on dedicating four paragraphs to Justin Bieber. I repeated facts that I learned in sixth grade that I surprisingly still remember. Those who know me saw the title of my passage “Bieber Fever” and immediately knew it was me who wrote it. 

After about an hour of “Evil Don” threatening to become “Guantanamo Don” I realized that I would rather not bring out “Evil Don” even if it was directed at the computer lab equipment and the Wi-Fi connection. I can only imagine what it would be like to meet “Guantanamo Don.” Hopefully I will never have to meet either when they are directed at me.

Once we got to the picture taking portion we went outside and started taking pictures with our cohort, of our fellow ILCers, and of the little plant life we had at our disposal. It was a great bonding experience I got to know everyone on a basic level. We spent about 30 minutes taking pictures of anything we could find that has a small amount of color before going to back to work. 

The next task we were given was the cable test and the laptop security cable test. Now sadly the world we live in we can never know what type of people are around us so it is key to always be on alert. Being 5’-2” and a female some may see me as a target so a laptop security cable could be the difference between filling a police report and being able to go about my day problem free. We went around placing the cable back into the small bag it comes in, no one seemed to have a problem with this test. Next we tested our lock opening skills by inserting and removing the lock from the laptop. One can never be too safe.

Aside from the delays and the test it was an overall great day.

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