Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Exploring the Centers

The day starts of like all the others. Get up and getting ready without waking my roommate. Then at eight o’clock I head out to breakfast with Kelsey.

Class started with a discussion on how we felt after yesterday’s activates. This conversation then leads into our feeling on the readings. Which were about how to thrive as women in a leadership and tips from 10 women in leadership roles. This pushed the conversation into a very intense discussion about feminism, womanism, and male feminists.

Next we took a small tour around Brown. We visited the Van Wickle Gates and then transition to the quiet green. Mary Grace began telling us the history of every place we went to as we made our way to the LGBTQ center. We stopped by many building the history that stood out the most was about University Hall.

In 1975, many students of different races took over the University Hall. They hung banners from the third floor window. The goal to make sure Brown enforced the demands from the 1968 walk out. As well as having a few more demands to present. I found this one the most interesting because many different marginalized groups came together for one purpose, which is what we could benefit from today.
University Hall

Next we headed out to the LGBTQ center. We found out that the LGBTQ center is one off the youngest on campus only being 12 years old. We spook a lot about the possible resources available. After the short introduction we went on talk about self-care.

Many different ways for self-care were thrown out into the group. Mine was to be surrounded by me pets. The topic of men not taking part in self-care was also brought up. For me I think there is no definite way to say someone does not self-care because everyone does it differently.

At lunch we had a lunch and learn around choosing a song that described how we felt with in our teams. My team ended up choosing “We are all in this Together” by High School Musical. And then Kelsey and I headed back to the LGBTQ to make pins/buttons. They allowed us to make any type off buttons and it was really fun and we were able to be very creative.

After lunch we were given some time to work on our action plans before heading out to the First-Generation College and Low income (FLi) Student center. This center is very important to me being a first-generation student a part of my identity and to see a space dedicated to that was amazing. 

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