Sunday, August 6, 2017

Flight of Reflection

I stepped into the car with Kendra, to go to the airport. I took my last look at the Main Green, and the Van Winkle Gates. I was excited to be going home and seeing all of my friends. I was also really happy to see my cats. However, when I entered the car it really started to set in that I wouldn't be coming home to my dorm, I wouldn't be seeing the same faces every morning. 

At the airport in Rhode Island we were waiting for a wheelchair to assist Kendra, and a shuttle to take our luggage. This took longer than expected since they were taking awhile. My mind kept going back to the same thought. That the program was over. It felt like it all had just started a day ago. 

We eventually got through TSA and headed to our gate where I bought Kendra something to eat since she wasn't feeling to well. I also got myself a wrap to eat since the flight was going to be long and I might not have another time to eat for awhile. 

Soon before we knew it, we were on the plane headed for Chicago. Not too soon after the plane took off everyone began to fall asleep. I looked  across the aisle and saw Bianche and Esmeralda knocked out. Zunarah who was sitting next to me was also in deep sleep. It was really funny because Zunarah was hanging over her seat, and when people would walk by they'd bump into her. She was in such a deep sleep that she didn't' even budge or hear anyone who did this. I found this incredibly funny and laughed.

I was tired as well but used the time I had to write about how my last day at Brown was. (You'll hear about it soon!) There were so many moments that I felt like crying when reflecting on how deep and emotional the day was. Soon I was finished writing about my last day at Brown and then started on my essay for my English class since school has already started. 

Before I finished writing my essay, we were landing. I looked at Lake Michigan, and the tall buildings of Chicago. It was so interesting to see how such a vast body of water wasn't the ocean and was in fact Lake Michigan. 

We were escorted by Kendra's wheelchair driver to our next transfer gate at Chicago. It was so nice to see the sign say the words San Francisco on them. It's really interesting how, these past two weeks have really consolidated how much I love the Bay Area. Our weather is amazing, it is so open minded, and the people are so loving. 

On the long plane ride to San Francisco, I tried to get some sleep. It was easier since the  earlier plane had a lot of turbulence. I later learned that this is because of the plane size. The plane size for Rhode Island to Chicago was fairly small, so turbulence was especially harsh. The plane for San Francisco was much larger, so the ride was smoother. There was also more leg room, so I was more comfortable. I woke up to the lights of the Bay Area, it made me feel so happy to see my home again. 

After picking up our luggage, we took a shuttle to El Cerrito High School. We took a group photo and hugged each other goodbye. It has been so nice to have been able to get so close to my cohort these two weeks. Our bond will always be incredibly close to my heart, and I will always cherish the memories we made together.

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