Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tie Dying Tick Socks

When class began, we finished the presentations. Going up for me was pretty nerve wracking because everyone had been doing so well. Going up was a pretty easy thing for me but I did not have a presentation with me due to not knowing if there would be a working projector in the presentation room with me. This through me off a little because I usually use them as a way to gesture my hands and to make sure the audience has pretty pictures to look at. I received very good comments and plan to take every piece of feedback they gave me today.

Group photo before lunch with Mary Grace
Group photo with Ashley and Imani
After presentations we went to lunch, and our lunch and learn was to write some tips for next year Women & Leadership students. My tips for them were to be open to talk to many new people and feel comfortable with your group because they are only there to support you.

During lunch I thought it would be a nice idea to create a Women & Leadership button for Mary Grace, Imani, and Ashley. The design was a simple one I wrote Women & Leadership in the middle and then surrounded the edges with flowers. As well as the year so she can always remember the Women & Leadership ladies form 2017.

When we returned to class we began by finishing the last presentation and then going into group discussions about our tips. After that we were given one last assignment which was to create memes that correlated to the class. We projected them all and everyone had a nice laugh. We played one last group game before ending class. The game was called Bunny Bunny. It was really fun to play at the end because Mary Grace even joined us.

At 7 PM we had a building party. The RA’s bought pizza for everyone as well as tie dye kits. I did not have any white shirts to use but I remembered my tick socks. I found that there were no more gloves so my hand did come out dyed but they have since faded and I am sure it will all be out by the time I present tomorrow.

We ended the day with a RA meeting. We discussed our room assignments for tomorrow and what to do after we eat lunch. We all made sure to share our social media with everyone so that we can stay in touch. It turned out that my RA, Suzie, goes to UC Berkley so we are planning to meet up afterwards to catch up and explore Berkley. 


  1. One thing I hope you picked up from this trip is that no matter where you go, group photos are the order of the day.

  2. I almost missed the button--VERY nice. I like it.

  3. Thank goodness we had an ILCer in the upper left rear making the faces that all of you probably wanted to make. :-)