Monday, May 29, 2017

A Destination's Desires

When talking to several Brown ILC alumni, I've realized how much there is to explore around the campus that doesn't revolve around academics or studies. As an individual, I appreciate the arts and admire creativity that goes along with careful planning. Because of this, I look forward to seeing three exhibits pertaining to inspiration and creativity- the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum, Newport Mansions, and WaterFire- in Providence. 

A sneak peek of what's inside the museum.

The RISD Museum was founded in 1877 and holds works from around the world that ranges from modern famous artists to rare ancient sculptures from several thousand years ago. Because this place is one of the largest museums in America with a variety of artistic pieces, the place would definitely hold my attention for hours and will give me inspiration for later art projects in the future.

When reading past Brown University ILC blogs, many of them would mention the Newport Mansions in Rhode Island. As I searched the web for pictures of several Newport mansions, I immediately fell in love with the architecture, aesthetics, and designs each of them had. Being able to see it in real life would be a dream come true!

Another attraction I'd love to go to would be WaterFire, which is located in downtown Providence.  The fire sculpture includes more than 100 bonfires spread throughout three rivers, captivating many visitors that tour around the city during nighttime. Being able to see the bonfires in the rivers, along with the nightlife in the city would be a wonderful experience to share with the rest of my cohort.
The WaterFire Salute.
Independence Hall (on the right) and the President's House (on the left).
Aside from Providence, our cohort is going to travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When I hear of Philadelphia, one of the first things that come into mind is liberty and freedom. From American history, Philadelphia is home to several iconic figures that has shaped America's ideology. I'm eager to see the Independence National Historical Park, which is home to the President's House, Liberty Bell Center, and Independence Hall. 

The next landmark I want to go to the Eastern State Penitentiary, a complete turn around from the National Park's aura of freedom. The penitentiary was based on a radical experiment that believed prisoners would become better people by isolating them from the outside world. To this day, this concept accepted and used in almost all prisons worldwide.

Since I've never been to a zoo, the Elmwood Park Zoo would be the perfect destination to experience what it's like for the first time. There are several activities in the zoo that have caught my attention, such as the treetop zip lines, predator exhibit, and reptile lodge. Being able to observe these animals and interact with them would be thrilling and memorable.

Lastly, if we were able to go to Manhattan, New York City, I would love to go to the Statue of Liberty. As one of the most well-known and tallest monuments in America, she is the symbol of hope and freedom for many citizens in the country. It would be a great honor to step inside the statue and see the city through the gaps of her crown.
The beautiful Statue of Liberty overlooking the city.
When I journey through these three states and tour around their areas, I'll be able to absorb more than just textbook knowledge. I'll also gain more awareness of America's history and appreciate the arts more than before. Most importantly, I'd be able to share these memories with the four members in my cohort. I'm sure we'll all have an enjoyable and lasting experience this summer!

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