Monday, May 29, 2017

Getting the Whole Team Together!

After a long day of finals, it was time to go the Board Meeting. When I arrived I could not help but wonder who the group in front of the meeting was. I would soon come to find that they are Serra Adult School and we saw their passion for the school.

As I made my way to the meeting spot I couldn’t help but get excited I would finally meet our chaperone. When I finally made my walk a crossed the endless room, well endless to anyone in heels, I was elated to meet Kendra Amerson. We clicked right away and I knew I could not image having another chaperon. As we waited for Don to begin all five of us  Brown girls found ourselves huddled around Kendra. As we introduced ourselves she worked her hardest to pronounce our names. As we waited for the meeting we began planning our girls night out to get to know everyone in a more relaxed setting and we all agreed on painting pottery. 

Once we made our way inside I could not help but get butterflies. The amazing opportunity I would soon embark on had begun to sink in. As we waited for our spot on the agenda we heard from many of the community members regarding a local adult school named Serra. According to those who stood up to defend the school their school was to be closed down for another program. Which later stated by Superintendent Matt Duffy the school was not going to be closed down rather share a space with a program, sadly I did not have a chance to see how the community felt about what Superintendent Duffy had stated. 

After hearing about Serra it was our turn to go up and address the School Board. Standing in front of them was not as nerve racking as I thought it would be, I did have the advantage of knowing someone sitting on the board from Middle College High School. Once we all went up we heard from the chaperons and from a member of each of our cohorts. I found all the speeches to be very reluctant of what I felt going through the process of applying, being picked, and finally what this all means to us.

After our last member went up it was time to go outside and take our group photo. After Don took around 30 photos for insurance we would at least get one great photo we all broke up and took individual photos either with our cohort or among ourselves. 

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