Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Here, There and Everywhere!

While traveling back east, of course I'd be happy to go just about anywhere, but if I were to narrow down my choices, the main seven things I would like to do and see are:
  • Dundery Brook Trail
  • Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History and Planetarium
  • One Liberty Observation Deck
  • Reading Terminal Market
  • The Philadelphia Zoo
  • Roger Williams Park Botanical Center
  • Eastern State Penitentiary

The first on my list would be to walk the Dundery Brook Trail. I love to be out in nature and hike during my free time, so being able to walk this trail while back east would overfill me with happiness and joy. I also love wildlife, so being able to spot some cool creatures along the trail would be amazing.
Visiting the Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History and Planetarium also catches my interest quite a lot since I have a strong passion for astronomy. I love learning all that I can about space since it's what we're in, and because it is so vast and mysterious! Planetariums are also a favorite of mine, because of the spectacular visuals they provide.

The third thing I would like to do is visit the One Liberty Observation Deck in Philadelphia. I would love to visit this attraction so that I would be able to see the city from a birds eye view. Although heights do make me a little nervous, I think that the view would take all of my uneasiness away.  I also think that seeing a sunset from their would be absolutely stunning.
View the observation deck building.
I consider myself to be a "Foodie", which is a person who is very passionate and interested in food. Although I do have some dietary restrictions, I love trying all sorts of different foods. That's why visiting the Reading Terminal Market sounds like the perfect place for a person like me to visit. I would love to be able to see all of the different, local foods provided there, and perhaps even try something new.

Like I said before, I love wildlife, and that's why going to The Philadelphia Zoo would make me the happiest person on Earth! Growing up, my favorite channel to watch on TV was in fact "Animal Planet". I would also spend hours at the library skipping through the pages of national geographic magazines, learning about all the different types of species on Earth. Anything from tarantulas to the blue whale (the biggest animal on our planet!) make me smile.
Did I mention I love nature yet? Because I do! Another one of my favorite hobbies is gardening, I love being able to grow something from such a tiny seed into something magnificent and beautiful. Gardening isn't all that easy either, so many factors go into how a plant lives, from the amount of water given to the plant, to the nutrients within the soil. Being able to visit the Botanical Center at Roger Williams Park in Rhode Island, would be a magical experience for not only me, but everyone else as well since it features beautiful tropical plants and a koi pond. 
Roger Williams Park: Botanical Center
The seventh place I would like to visit would be the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Since I grew up in the bay area, I have been to the famous Alcatraz Island many times throughout my life. So I think that visiting another prison all the way across the country just makes sense. The prison is also famous for once holding the notorious "Scarface" or Al Capone which is really cool! I'd like to be able to see what the cells looked like, and what life might have been like for the prisoners there. 

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