Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chicken Finger Fridays and Cajun Pasta Worth Fighting For

During the ILC dinner, I had the privilege to sit with three amazing women. Madeline Kronenberg, Elizabeth Gonzales, and Alice Piñeiro made a night I thought would be extremely awkward into an amazing informative night with a conversation that seemed to flow effortlessly.

The night started off with us meeting at BART to go to San Francisco, once everyone arrived we began our journey to the Town Hall Restaurant. While we walked I realized that I had overestimated my ability to stand for extended periods of time in heels. Pushing through I manage to make it to the restaurant to realize we had more standing time, my feet were not pleased, to say the least. Yet though it all the time waiting was spent talking to many alumni that I would not have had the chance to speak with considering the table arrangements.

Once the dinner started we received a welcome and introduced ourselves which was led by Madeline Kronenberg. As we ate our salads we heard from a few more people. Between the end of the speeches and the dinner arriving was when the conversation about Brown and college in general began. I found that the table Don had me seated at fit my personality perfectly.

During our time, we spoke of many subjects such as the history of Brown, the climate, the programs, and much to my pleasure the food. As they told the stories of their experience I found myself in awe, I thought to myself wow this is really happening. I learned that a fan is an absolute must that it will be my lifeline. As well as the food, which I was told was fantastic. According to Ms. Gonzales, the chicken finger Fridays are a must as well as the Cajun pasta that is known to cause fights.

Overall the night was amazing and I learned so much information that was nice to hear from those who have gone through college and are such inspirations. I found what I believed my excitement limit had hit its max but to my surprise speaking with these wonderful women, my excitement has been tripled. 

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