Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Oh, the Places I'd Go

The world is full of many sights to see, every turn you make is another part of history. Yet everyone has a different taste when it comes to where they would like to spend their time. Out of the many places I could go I have picked the following seven places as possible destinations I would enjoy doing in my future:

  • One Liberty Observation Deck
  • Penn Museum
  • Room Escape Philadelphia
  • Escape Rhode Island
  • Providence Performing Arts Center
  • Providence Ghost Tour
  • A Simple Walk

The first on my list is One Liberty Observation Deck which is in Philadelphia. I know many people who are terrified of heights but personally if I could move to the clouds I would. I would love to go during the evening preferably right as the sun is going down and the stars are becoming visible. Being located around many lights the dimmest star we can see has a magnitude of four but they would be the same magnitude four stars we see back in the Bay Area.

Next on my list is the Penn Museum, which is located with-in the University of Pennsylvania. The Penn Museum is home to many different artifacts that are on display one is a child mummy. These artifacts tell a story of how people lived before us and thinking about it the device you are reading this one will one day be considered an artifact.

I am a huge fan of trying to solve riddles and puzzles which is the reason why I decided to put Room Escape Philadelphia and Escape Rhode Island on my list. I tend to find solving problems relaxing and believe that this could be an amazing team bonding activity. At these both places, you are given an hour to solve riddles around the room and collect clues to escape. Every room has a different theme to choose from which can satisfy any detective fan looking for a riddle.

The Providence Performing Arts Center is also known as the “Jewel of Weybosset Street” was opened back in 1928. Even though the theater has received a few upgrades since it was first opened it has kept its amazing interior designs that brought over 14,000 people to see it since that day in 1928. I would love to be able to watch a production in this amazing theater. 

For many tours are a boring ordeal, the Providence Ghost Tour takes you through the historical streets of East Side with a twist. Now many of my friends will know I am also a horror fan and being able to take a tour where I learn about the area as well as hear the chilling stories that took place is a dream come true. Personally, if I could pick one of all seven on this list this would be the one. And this would encompass my last point which is just walking around and enjoy the surrounding it is not every day I get to leave the Bay Area so I will enjoy taking a nice walk preferably with a small horror twist. 

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