Tuesday, May 30, 2017

When on the East Coast...

With a a very strong love for both food and art, narrowing down the places I would like to visit has been one of the most difficult things I have done in my life, no joke. Three weeks on the other side of the country would be any teenager's dream come true, I know it definitely is for me. This summer my cohort and I will be spending majority of our time in Providence, along with Philadelphia, and fingers crossed (I've been praying all day), Manhattan. With such little time and so much to see, creating a list of things I'd like to see and/or do is a must. Here are the few that were narrowed down with much difficulty:

1) WaterFire Providence: This is an old tradition of Providence, where they have actual bonfires floating above three rivers within the city. The aroma of fire along with music just sounds like summer. It would be a wonderful way to spend the last few days of our trip strolling along such a beautiful sight at night.
WaterFire perforamances
2)  Narragansett Town Beach/Bay: A summer trip could not be complete without a trip to the beach. On a day where there isn't much going on, or my group and I would just like to take a break, the beach would be not only relaxing, but also quite enjoyable. Reading back on blogs from a few years ago, the groups definitely seemed to enjoy the beach. 
Off the coast of Providence

3) Rhode Island School of Design Museum: Art is something I always enjoy; I may definitely not be the best at it, but that doesn't stop me. Being one of the oldest museums in the entire nation, I'm sure there's something there for everyone to enjoy. Since it is a school after all, seeing the artwork of the students would be quite refreshing. 

Student artwork

Since we will be spending most of our time in Providence, there'll be plenty of time to look around; however with the other sites we will be very limited on time, so cramming a ton of activities in one day is just not possible. Starting with Philly, here are a few places I'd like to visit:

4) Reading Terminal Market: Once we arrive in Philadelphia, we'll be on our feet all day and we're bound to get hungry. What a better way to spend it than in this incredibly colorful market. This indoor market is full of different varieties of food from all over the globe. Along with food, there are plenty of little stalls and shops with knick knacks and clothing.
A multitude of food options
5) Magic Garden/ Elfreth Alley: I put the two together because I would like to visit them for the same reason: it'd be great to take pictures at both places. One is a little "garden" made completely of mosaic, while the other is one of America's oldest residential streets. Both places are gorgeous and snapping a few shots wouldn't hurt anyone. 

Magic Garden
Elreth Alley

Now moving onto the place I have always dreamed of visiting: New York.

6) Metropolitan Museum of Art: How can one possibly visit the heart of New York and not visit the Met? It celebrates cultures from all over the world and is one of the most visited museums in the entire world. As I mentioned earlier, I love art, but what I adore more than art is learning about different cultures. I think there is a lot to gain from a single trip to this museum. 
Exterior of the Met

7) Live Jazz Performance: All day Sinatra's "New York, New York" has been stuck in my head.Music is one of the very few things that ties people all around the world together. Being able experience some of the world's best music in one of the world's most popular cities would be one hell of an experience, and sharing that experience with my amazing cohort? Even better.
Live Russ Nolan performance

These of course are just few of the many, many places I would like to visit during my time on the East Coast. There's so much I would like to do, but most importantly, I know I'll have regardless of where ever I end up going. July is getting closer and closer each day, and I'm just counting down the days.

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