Sunday, June 4, 2017

An Owl-verall Awesome Meetup!

Arriving at "Color Me Mine".
I met up with Esmeralda, Kelsey, and Kendra at Zunarah's house because we planned for Kendra to give us a ride to Lafayette. I was exhausted from my school's school rally, so I took a quick ten minute nap before Kendra picked the four of us up. We all had to squeeze into Kendra's car and travel to a pottery studio called "Color Me Mine". Many of us have never painted pottery anywhere before, so we were all excited to try it out. When I stepped foot into the studio, the place was full of painted and unpainted pieces and felt like something out of a Disney movie classic. 
A row of some sculptures we could choose, and also Esmeralda's head.
The woman at the front desk gave us a quick description of what to do in the studio. The process we had to follow was very simple. First, we had to pick out a plain sculpture that was on one of the four display shelves. The smaller and simpler sculptures- such as mugs, vases, bowls, and piggy banks- were under the 20$ budget limit. Afterwards, we had to choose a five color palette to start off. But we were also able to take the paint we needed to our little table. Once finished, the sculpture is left in the shop to be baked and would be sent to us several days later. 

I'm happy to have a coffee mug for
my owl-nighters.
While looking for my sculpture of choice, I had a difficult time choosing between a fish or an owl mug, but eventually decided the owl looked cuter and was easier to paint. Kendra picked a pig, Amelia chose a hippo, Esmeralda had a dog, Zunarah took a flower, and Kelsey selected a bowl. I decided on using light colors on my owl. The pottery and painting definitely created a bond between us, since we were all doing similar tasks, giving each other advice, and listening to the suggestions. After an hour of coloring and adding in details, I was all set for a very adorable mug. I hope to come to this place with these four (and possibly students from other cohorts) to enjoy the therapeutic experience once again. 

After exiting "Color Me Mine", we decided to go to an artisan burger joint called "ROAM". I was able to try out a new drink called kombucha, which is a type of fermented tea. Kelsey was able to tell us the process of making it, since she has done it before. The taste of the drink was peculiar, it reminded me of vinegar with a little bit of sweetness added into the flavor. I couldn't get enough of the food, and by the time we all finished, we talked about how developing food babies from eating.
The food was delicious!
In order to stave off the groggy feeling of eating too much, we decided to tour around the area and take photos. The sun had already set, so most of the city's local shops had closed for the day. We took several photos around the area, two of them being in front of the "Color Me Mine" shop and the burger joint. While we walked, we were able to browse most of the shops and talk about what we would do if we came back again. There were several shops that piqued my interest, one of which was a clock shop that had a hoard of grandfather and woodwork antiques that I desperately wanted to purchase After thirty minutes of walking, my cohort escorted me to my mother's car and we all said our goodbyes until the orientation on Monday. 

Today's experiences were complete fun and took away a week's stress for me. I'm excited to receive my owl mug, and more importantly spend more time with the Brown squad!

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