Monday, June 5, 2017

"I Bought Walnuts"

For our meet and greet, we wanted to do something a bit different from just grabbing a bite, and Kendra, being as amazing as she is, came up with the idea to paint pottery. I love anything and everything artsy, so this was something I was definitely looking forward to. After a long day of finals, I came home and wanted to do nothing but take a long, long nap; however, shortly after I came home Bianche and Kelsey arrived. I felt so bad because Kelsey was dropped off at around 4, but she thought no one was home and decided to just walk around the nearby stores, but she got her walnuts that she had been craving and was ecstatic so it was okay. I got ready, Esmeralda arrived, and Kendra picked the four of us up.
Outside of Color Me Mine

We drove to Lafayette, where Amelia would be meeting us. We got out the car, and walked towards Color Me Mine, where we would painting. The moment I stepped inside, my mood instantly changed. I went from being tired to being extremely excited. The shop was so nice and welcoming, it looked like something out of a children's movie. The most difficult part of the whole process was choosing our pieces, it took me about 20 minutes. I finally decided on a plate designed as a flower.

Places like this make me very happy

We then chose the colors we wanted to use to paint, and got to work.  The overall process was really therapeutic, especially after finals. Just sitting there painting, and spending time cohort got my mind off of all the stress from school. We had a little over an hour to paint, and that was more than enough. We finished our pieces, and it was time for the shop to close. We had to leave our pieces there to be glazed and cured, so we'll be getting them in about a week.

We then made our way down the block to Roam Artisan Burgers. They had a nice variety of options, and I chose the veggie burger along with some ginger kombucha. The food arrived, and it was absolutely delicious! The cheese was oozy, the fries were crisp, and there was just enough spice to satisfy to my tastebuds. After a few pictures, we decided to go on a walk to get rid of our food babies.
The aftermath

As we walked around the town, most of the shops were closed, but looking at them, I knew I would come back soon enough. All the shops were really cute, and reminded me of Oregon, which I miss dearly. Bianche's mom was waiting for her at the nearby Safeway, and so we first dropped off and said our goodbyes before making our way to the car.

The ride home was really nice, as well as tiring. Our conversations went all over the place and we definitely got lost a few times. After about an hour, I finally made it home and crashed immdeitaly. It was a really fun day, but it was time to get back to work before the school year ends. I hope we can get to all of the other plans we made before we head to Brown, as the day is just getting closer and closer.

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