Monday, June 19, 2017

The Color Yellow

When looking through my vast collection of bowls and plates, and trying to decide which one I'll use for some cereal, soup, popcorn, or any other food. A certain bowl will always stick out to me. And if I do decide to pick it, I'll always be reminded of the ILC and the wonderful memories I had that summer at Brown University and all the amazing things I learned.
When walking into the shop I didn't really go in knowing what to pick, but I'm glad I decided to pick something that I will always use, and will trigger a rush of memories. Something that will hold sentimental value to only me.
The interior of the bowl.
I chose a vibrant lemon color for the outside, so it will pop in comparison to the dull collection of pale blues and whites in my cabinet. And when I get to the end of a meal, I'll be surprised with a nice design at the bottom. For the longest time I never knew what my favorite color was, but now I think that I really love the color yellow. Not a cool toned yellow, but a warm, sunset colored yellow. My favorite thing about the summer is the vibrant, warm yellows you get from sunsets. Almost like there was an explosion in the sky.
A magnificent sunset in Maui, Hawaii.
I love the way my bowl came out. I also really enjoyed the process painting this bowl and will definitely be coming back to paint another.

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