Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Plate? Dish? Bowl? I Don't Know

A few weeks ago, our cohort had our meet and greet in Lafayette. We started off by painting pottery at this lovely little shop called Color Me Mine. Walking in, I was overwhelmed by all the choices they had, and it took me over 20 minutes to decide what I wanted to paint. I was debating between a honey pot and this flower plate/dish. I ended up choosing the flower dish, thinking it would have more uses than a tiny honey pot.

We got to painting, and I knew I wanted to make the dish vibrant rather than pale. So I chose red as my base color. I did a few coats of red, to make sure there wouldn't be any patches in the final piece. Amidst all the drying, I realized I was running out of time and had to rush all the accent colors, which ended up making the final piece a bit sloppy; however despite my doubts, I was still satisfied with the final product.
My lovely plate/dish/bowl

Just a few days ago we finally received our long awaited creations. As expected, rushing the accent colored definitely showed in the final product; the blue and the purple turned to be much more faint than I had actually expected.  Regardless, I am pleased with the final product and my mom definitely appreciated my artwork. I'm just waiting for the next time I can go back to Color Me Mine.

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  1. I can actually think of many uses for this but it's best use will be as a reminder of the day it was created.