Saturday, June 3, 2017

Color Me Mine is the Best Place on Earth

At the board meeting, when discussing where we would go for fun, my cohort had decided that we wanted to do something artsy, so Kendra came up with the wonderful plan to paint pottery. On Friday, June 2nd I got dropped off at Zunarah's house, at 3:50 PM, to catch a ride with Kendra, Bianche, Esmeralda, and Zunarah. I got dropped off super early, and when I saw no one was home I decided to walk to a nearby grocery store. At the grocery store I bought a pound of walnuts because I was trying to kill time and was craving them. Plus the other day I had learned that walnuts are packed with antioxidants, magnesium, copper, omega-3 fatty acids and so much more!

After purchasing the walnuts I walked back to Zunarah's house and noticed there were cars, but figured she was getting ready, so I walked to Chevron to use the restroom. Then after munching on walnuts and strolling through the neighborhood Bianche texted the group that she arrived at Zunarah's house, and I headed back.

After I came back Bianche had just arrived and was getting out of the car, so we walked up to the door together and knocked. We were then greeted by Zunarah and went inside her lovely home. Shortly after Esmeralda arrived and then Kendra. Amelia was meeting us there, so we left.

We drove to "Color Me Mine" in Lafayette. Which is the cutest place ever! Basically you choose a piece of pottery whether it be a piggy bank, bowl, or statue. Then you choose your paint colors and start painting. I decided to paint a bowl since I wanted to be able to appreciate it more and actually use it regularly. Kendra, Amelia, and Esmeralda all chose piggy banks. Kendra's was a classic pig, Amelia's was a hippo, and Esmeralda's was a bulldog. Zunarah chose some type of flower plate that was super cute! Bianche also chose a super adorable owl mug.

I really love art, and find it very relaxing and enjoyable, so when I was sitting there I noticed that I would get so into it that I wouldn't even realize that people were talking to me (Sorry Zunarah!). Painting my bowl was a little hard, because the paints are paler and more pastel before they get cooked. So it was hard to visualize what I was actually painting! I can't wait to get my bowl back and see how it turned out. I put so much concentration into it, so I hope it turns out okay. It was also my first time ever doing any type of ceramic work so I'm excited to see how it's going to look. I've also been thinking of going there again next weekend with my best friend since I enjoyed it so much.

After painting, we then headed over to ROAM an artisan burger joint. I was extremely pleased to see that they had a veggie burger, since I'm vegan. I was also overjoyed to find that they sold kombucha! My favorite probiotic tea! For those of you who don't know what kombucha is, it's basically a fermented tea that has its own natural carbonation, tons of great probiotics, polyphenols, electrolytes, and enzymes which greatly aid in digestion and overall gut health. Kombucha has also been around as early as 220 BC and originated in northeast China.

After enjoying our delicious meal we walked around the area, window shopping and looking at all the cute shops. Bianche's mom was waiting in the Safeway parking lot, so we walked her over there. Then said goodbye and headed home. Overall it was a very enjoyable and fun day spent with my cohort and chaperone! I can't wait to have another outing in the future with them!

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