Sunday, June 4, 2017

Student Life at UPenn

There is so much to do at the University of Pennsylvania, life is very exciting for students. There are many different types of activities that students engage in, from sports and clubs to on campus events and traditions. There are over 450 organizations within UPenn which makes it easy for anyone to find their place within them. There are 36 recognized sports clubs on campus at UPenn. If you categorize yourself as artistic, there are plenty of ways to express yourself through visual art, music, literature, and theater.

The mascot of UPenn is known as the Quaker, and students find themselves cheering their peers on during games. There is a wide variety of sports offered at UPenn and specific arenas to accommodate each sport. They have an Olympic pool, football field, soccer field, track, and even an ice rink! The first ever relay carnival was held on April 21st, 1895 and it still a celebrated event on campus by students today.

Dining is also very flexible with high quality food at many different  retail venues and food trucks. UPenn has partnerships with 10 different retail establishments across campus. A few of these establishments are "1920 Retail", "Accenture Cafe", "Beefsteak", Joe's Cafe", and "Houston Market". There are also over 90  trucks, carts, and tables on campus. Some of these vendors are "Quaker Shaker Lunch Truck", "Kim's Oriental Foods", and "Bessie's Hot Dog Cart".
Fresh on the Walk at 1920 commons.

There are many traditions at UPenn including "Toast Throwing", "Feb Club", and "Ivy Day". The tradition of "Toast Throwing" began when students would say “drink a high ball” and toast to it with a special cocktail, however during prohibition they were banned to use alcohol so as a result they would literally throw toast into the sidelines. Another tradition still followed today is "Feb Club", which is when students of the senior class go to a party every single day of the month of February. The students who maintain perfect attendance get to have their names inscribed in a plaque at "Smokey Joe's Bar"."Ivy Day" is a tradition where a student is celebrated because of academic achievements and has an ivy plant planted by a building and an "Ivy Stone" placed on the building to commemorate the occasion. Awards are also given out during this event to graduating students.
UPenn students throwing toast into Franklin Field.

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