Sunday, June 18, 2017

Owl in an Hour's Work

This is Rowlet, the owl mug inspiration.
A couple of weeks ago, our cohort went to a ceramic studio named "Color Me Mine" in Lafayette. We were all able to choose a ceramic within the budget limit and paint it however we wanted. The ceramic I chose was an owl shaped mug, I grew fond of the design because I liked owls and needed a new mug to use for my late night drinks. I decided to color it with brown, mint green, yellow, and white. This color scheme was based on a fictional character called Rowlet, since the mug looked similar to the creature. 

Because of the one hour time limit, I wasn't able to completely paint my owl the way I wanted to. We all had to rush painting our ceramics, but we all felt satisfied with our work in the end.
This mug will be very useful for future owl-nighters.

The five of us patiently waited for our ceramics to arrive, and texted one another talking about how our creations would turn out. When I received the baked ceramic, I noticed a couple of flaws in the finished product. There were a couple of rough color distortions on the face, and the inside of the owl was barely painted. I didn't mind though, I decided that a couple of sharpie retouches would improve the owl's already handsome and imperfectly perfect looks. 

My time at Color Me Mine with the four members (including our chaperone, Kendra) was a fun and relaxing experience. I'm already eager to have another hangout session at "Color Me Mine", and this time, I'd like to invite all of the ILCers to try it out!

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