Sunday, June 4, 2017

Color Me Impressed We Entered the Twilight Zone

I was looking forward to our outing to Color Me Mine. After finalizing all of the details and the day came up it was so exciting. Three of us met up at Zunarah’s house where we waited for Kendra to arrive. The plan was to meet up with Amelia in Lafayette.

Once we arrived we walked into Color Me Mine and began the challenging process of choosing an item to paint. Considering my favorite animals are dogs I ended up choosing a bulldog. When we finally decided on what colors we wanted we began the painting method. Having an hour to paint seems like we would have more than enough time to create what our hearts desired but to me, it seemed to come down to the last second.

After our hour was up we made our way around the corner to Roam Artisan Burgers. Walking in I did not know what to expect. After looking over the menu I choose a classic beef burger and a caramelized pineapple soda. I was astonished on how much I enjoyed the food. Most of all I enjoyed the caramelized pineapple soda which was, in my opinion, better than any soda I have tasted. I will be visiting Roam in the near future.

Next, we made our way home, which was a little more troubling than we thought. It almost seems as we had entered the twilight zone trying to find the freeway entrance. After we found the entrance we began the drop-offs which involved a lot of interesting conversation. Overall the experience was amazing and a wonderful way to bond with my cohort.

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