Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Orientation Overload

The ILCers and their parents listening to the chaperones speak.
On Monday, I went over to Pinole middle at 5 PM for Don's Orientation. For the students, this evening was just about going over things that we've already learned in the tutorial a few months back. But for the parents, this was an informational lecture meant to answer every question they've been asking their children.

We began by introducing the chaperones, who told the parents where each of our cohorts will be going and why they're qualified to take us across the country for the program. Kendra, the Brown cohort's chaperone, talked about her experience as a chaperone for many school events. I had a great time listening to her experiences, especially the story where her first time camping was with kids.

After each chaperone had the chance to speak we all gathered to our assigned tables, which had our representative flag on the wall next to it. The parents and students had to sign two forms and return them to Don. An ILC alumni also spoke in each table about their experiences traveling to the school, and recommended several things that would help us when we go there this summer. Our alumni, Krystal Pantoja, informed us about what sites she traveled to. She recommended the Newport Mansions, WaterFire, and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Museum. Krystal also advised us to bring a poncho, shower shoes, and summer clothes due to the campus and weather at Brown. 
Krystal giving us a brief summary of her experiences at Brown.
We asked Krystal several questions too, such as the campus food, amount of money, and the paid field trips to the beach. She also gave us a warning about delayed flights, since her cohort was stranded in Atlanta because her flight needed to fill up gas right before take off. She wrapped up by telling us how wonderful the program was and how she learned and matured in many ways thanks to this program. Krystal also told us she's willing to assist us for the Action Plan we need to make, I felt relieved knowing people are willing to spend their time helping us. I'm feeling eager to help out the next generation of ILCers in the near future.

One and a half hours later, all of us were brought back by Don as he gave the parents a quick summary of the items the students should bring and the things he's willing to loan. Most of the items he's talked about were things he'd gone over with us multiple times. By the time he finished, many of the students were already taking pictures of the items they would borrow for the trip. We ended the evening discussing which places our cohort would like to go, and researching on several sites for homework.

The Orientation was helpful and allowed me to refresh all the information Don gave us during the tutorial many months ago. Everything is almost perfectly planned, I can't help but anticipate traveling together with the Brown cohort!

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