Monday, July 24, 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The day started off well. I woke up around six and began my normal routine and began heading out to lunch with Hannah. While walking to the Ratty I realized that I had forgotten my wallet in my room. On my way back I began calling the cohort to see if anyone was still in Perkins hall and found that Bianche and Zunarah (who was a no show) were still getting ready. So I decided to wait for them to get ready and ended up walking with Bianche to eat breakfast.

At nine we got to class and met our lovely instructor Mary Grace Almandrez. A fun fact about her is that she lived in the Bay Area. I am looking forward to taking this class because Ms. Almandrez does an amazing job keeping us engaged and interested. She makes sure that we are participating and that she’s not lecturing at us, which is how I learn best.

During class we spent a lot of time meeting everyone and introducing themselves to new people. This allowed me to say things to someone who doesn’t know me and I felt more comfortable because I didn’t have to worry about hurting someone’s feelings or losing a friend.

During lunch I accompanied Kelsey to the dorms so that she could change out of shorts because it was pouring down. On the way back to lunch it started raining twice as hard and I had left my umbrella in the dorms. The walk to the Ratty is about six minutes and when we arrived Bianche came up to me and asked me if I had taken a shower. You can probably imagine how wet the water left me.

I went back with Zunarah to get changed trying to avoid getting sick. When we arrived I ran up and after changing I received a call from Zunarah, throwing my shoes on I run out to find out what happened. After getting to Zunarah and finding out she lost her wallet I realized that I had locked myself out of my room which held my key.
We then realized that class was going to be starting within ten minutes so we started running. Even though I had just changed to be dry I ended up soaked again. But for those of you wondering, yes, I did have my umbrella.

After class we meet up with Kendra to receive our new lamps and to go over a few things.

After the meeting I was invited to go study with a new group of friends. We ordered pizza and cookies. We finished our reading for class and had a small pre-discussion. And got ready for bed.

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