Thursday, July 20, 2017

Its Only Seven O'Clock

Waking up at one in the morning was not my ideal way to start my day but I could not be happier because the day I had been waiting for had arrived.

We all huddled around each other for warmth as we received information about our itinerary. Speaking in a whisper to make sure not to wake the neighbors (considering it was 2:00 AM) we listen intently to Don while eyeing the Red Vines. 

In the distance we saw lights and we all hoped it was our shuttle. For a second we believed it was just a car passing but it was no ordinary person in the car it was, Kevin James (our amazing driver). Before hoping into the car we took a quick group photo. Thankfully Mr. James had kept the heater on while waiting for us to take our photo.
Flashing forward to our first flight departing from Oakland heading to Phoenix we found ourselves seated together. This was not the case for our next flight from Phoenix to Philadelphia. Yet all hope was not lost to keep our small group together, thanks to Julio our amazing flight attendant. He made sure to keep an eye out and allowed Kendra to move up to sit with me (Kendra and I had been slightly separated from the group).

After the four hour plane trip we finally landed in Philadelphia, which had a temperature of 95 degrees. I felt the change in temperature as soon as the plane had landed.

After making our way to our hotel (the Sheraton Philadelphia University City) we began the hunt for the perfect place to eat that would accommodate everyone. We settled on “The Axis” which had something for everyone. After ordering we sat at our table waiting when we see the plates come out I know my jaw dropped at the portion size. I ordered the Fettucine Alfredo with Chicken and I know it that my plate could have feed a family of four.

Once we had finished or attempted to finish we decided to head back to the hotel. While gathering our belongings we realized that it was only seven o’clock back home. 

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