Saturday, July 29, 2017

The Tortoise and Red Panda

My favorite animal of all time the rock!!!!
Today Kelsey and I walked our usual route to the Ratty but it was completely different. The walk there was very quiet due to the lack of people rushing to class. The Ratty itself had a quarter of its usual amount of people. It was easy to get our breakfast and find good seats.

Once we arrived to the Biltmore hotel we hoped onto a trolley that took us to The Roger William Zoo. When we arrived we started by visiting the bison enclosure. It was nice to see them because they seemed very happy and playful.

In the enclosure right next to them we found some cheetahs. Many were still asleep and just resting to the side except one. I believe there was a small gap in the fence and the cheetah was able to see one of the bison so he was going pretty crazy trying to pounce. 

Listening to the children within our hearts we headed to the tree house. It was very big; it was home to a rave, a bee hive, and a few other insects. They had incorporated many moving parts with different geometric shapes that can keep kids entertain as well as a few hiding places. They also had a Rube Goldberg Machine that carried tennis balls up a screw that reminded me of Archimedes Screw. Once the tennis balls reached the top they would go throw a series of tubes. At different check points throughout the tubes, the tennis balls would trigger something setting off a series of noises.

We wondered through the Zoo seeing many animals my favorite reptile was the African Spurred Tortoise. They can live to about a century and some are over 200 pounds. They also happen to be the third largest species of tortoises. This species is known for its large spikes located on their front legs and heads, used to burrow into the ground.

My next favorite would have to be the Red Panda. He just looked so comfortable sleeping that it made my heart melt. Growing to be a bit bigger than a domestic cat Red Pandas are small compared to the Pandas we all have come to hear about. Many have made the comment that the little guy in the enclosure looks like Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda, who was a Red Panda in the movie.

The zoo was a beautiful but for me it was also a sad experience. Many of the animals seemed unhappy enclosed in small areas. Knowing that many had been rescued and given a second chance was very comforting. For example they had a giraffe that was blind; they keep her safe and gave her a chance that she would have never had in the wild. 

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