Friday, July 28, 2017

I Love Fridays

Today I woke up so, so relieved. It was my favorite day of the week--Friday. Don't get me wrong, I adore my class, and everyone in it; however being in a completely new city and being unable to explore has definitely left me restless. 

I somehow manage to always sleep through my alarms. I set them for 7 am every single day, but my eyes don't open until 7:30 or even 8. The weather has started to warm up again, and so my walk to the Ratty wasn't as nice and homey as the past few days have been. I've been drinking plenty of water lately, but my mouth has been dry, which is not a nice feeling.

Class today was very laid back and relaxed. We reviewed yesterday's material with Mary Grace, and then had a public speaking workshop with the lovely Jennifer Madden. Ms. Madden mentioned that she has been doing these workshops  since the Leadership Institute was first founded, and has been doing work in public speaking for the past 24 years. This workshop was personally the most helpful to me out of the others done this week. She broke down the different components of public speaking and placed them into percentages. 60% of public speaking revolves around appearance, 30% revolves around body language, while 10% is the actual speaking portion. She provided many tips as well.

After a 2 hour workshop came lunch, which of course had a Lunch and Learn. Today's lunch and learn revolved around feminism. We were instructed to create mini posters with thhe words, "I am a feminist" written around them, and ask people if they would b willing to take a picture with the sign. I went to a group of guys with Esmeralda, and that turned out tot be successful seeing as they all considered themselves feminists. I then did the same task with my friend Sarika inside the Ratty. I especially loved this group because of how enthusiastic and kind they were about the subject. We got our picture and then they told us a few jokes before we left.

The second part of class consisted of a lecture on feminism, but prior to the lecture, we participated in another  team building exercise: a human chain. The objective of this activity was to link right hands with a person across from you, then the left, and then somehow manage to untangle. Keep in mind this was a 12 person group. It wad difficult, hot, and sweaty throughout the whole process. It was enjoyable and ncie to see how much the challenge course changed our abilities and leadership  abilities. Unfortunately, we were unable to complete the task, as we were starting to run short on time.

Our lovely TA Ashley then moved on to teach the class. We then began to discuss the different ideologies in the wold depending on where you live. , which was very informative and  knife. Lastly, we did mid week reflection, and then were free to go. The reflection was much similar to the essay I had written in order to get there. Once the essay was completed we were free to go.

After class, Kelsey, Esmeralda and  I waned to go to the bookstore. We got what we needed from there from the bookstore. My quest to look for where  only ones who should have seen  it. I  met up with friend on the mall which was really cool. Later, I got .food with my cohort at the Cheesecake Factory, and that is always nice, despite all the bullying from my 'loving' cohort.

Today was  a much needed relaxing type of day, which is always wonderful, and always welcome. I can't wait to see how the weekend is going to go. It has already been a week since I've gotten here and it does not feel like that at my hall, which breaks my heart. .

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