Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Preparations, Excitement, and a Whole Lot of Nervousness

It's the day before departure! Most of my hours has been spent resting and spending quality time with my pet, Jasper, before I leave the next day. We're scheduled to meet at El Cerrito High at precisely 2:15 AM or earlier, so I planned to take it easy and ensure that I'll be fully awake and energized when I arrive. I don't think I'll have to worry much about my energy levels though, I'm sure my adrenaline will keep me up until I go to departure.
Spending time with Jasper and relaxing in the sun
Unlike most of the other members in my cohort, I'm surprisingly not feeling nervous or anxious about the trip at all. I've been to so many vacations out of the country that I've gotten used to traveling. Most of my feelings for the trip have been positive so far. What excites me the most is the idea of learning in an environment suited for college students and adults. It may sound a little monotonous and simple, but I truly find the idea fascinating.

I've had my bags packed since two weeks ago and triple checked every requirement needed. The only items I still don't have are the things I'm borrowing from Don, which will be provided tomorrow. I've weighed my luggage only once during these few days, but I haven't added or taken out anything from within them. They also seem to fit the standard weight airport luggage should be, and I still have a lot of extra space within both of them.
My bags are packed and ready!
In all honesty, I still can't believe I've been given the opportunity to study at Brown for two weeks. I realized time really flew from the day I was selected during the interview to this moment. Our hard work and effort has paid off tremendously. I'll definitely make sure to value every second spent with my cohort!

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