Thursday, July 20, 2017

The City of Brotherly Love

I woke up at about 12:30 AM and got ready to leave my beloved home behind, double checked that I had everything and then headed out to meet up with Don, Kendra, and the rest of my cohort at El Cerrito High School.

I arrived at the high school at about 2:10 AM and waited to get my luggage weighed by Don. While waiting I admired how quiet it was, and how still the night can become. During the day, everyone is out and about running around doing things, but when they all go to their homes, and get to bed there’s a certain kind of stillness that develops. Almost like the entire city is sleeping. The air is super chill, and my fingers felt like they were going numb. After Don got around to weighing the luggage, we went over the final version of our itinerary and some very important things to remember. Like taking pretty pictures, and thinking critically about everything. To question everything, which is something I can’t agree more with.
Saying our goodbye to Don at El Cerrito High School.
Shortly after discussing this and that our shuttle driver, Kevin James, arrived and loaded up the van with our luggage. We said goodbye to Don, and headed to the Oakland airport to catch our 6 AM flight. When we arrived at the airport and got our boarding passes I learned that Kendra and I were the only ones who weren't already prechecked through TSA so while the rest of the cohort went through smoothly I had to take off my shoes, belt and take out my laptop from my bag.

The hotel is very fancy. 
While waiting to depart I spoke with Bianche about the Philippines and the parts she's visited. I always thought that the only language spoken was Tagalog, but turns out there are others as well.

We also talked about my favorite cars, the Toyota Prius, and Tesla. Electric cars honestly fascinate me so much, and they are also so much better for the environment then regular gas and diesel automobiles. I think that the future will be all about fully electric cars and I can’t wait to see what new models they come out with.

What happened to Zunarah?!
Fast forward about five hours and we arrived in the famous city of brotherly love, also known as Philadelphia. The flight went pretty smoothly, with only one small and minor delay that was resolved in less than half an hour. After picking up our luggage and heading over to our hotel we were all basically starving so we cleaned up a little and went to Axel’s across the street from where we were staying. The food portions were supersized and insanely huge. I’ve never seen a bigger calzone in my life. 

I'm currently over 2,000 miles away from home, and I'm so excited to be. I can't wait to adventure more tomorrow and make more memories!

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