Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cheese in My Eye

Today has officially come to an end. I am sitting in an extremely comfortable bed, on the other side of the country, after a full day of traveling. I arrived at El Cerrito High School this morning expecting everything and anything to go wrong, yet here I am,  writing this blog.

At 2:15 a.m., my cohort, Kendra, Don, and   I gathered at El Cerrito High to take care of some last minute business, and despite us all freezing we managed discuss everything necessary, when our shuttle finally arrived right on time. I would like to thank our driver, Kevin  James, for turning on the heat even before we got into the shuttle. Next thing you know, we were on our way to the Oakland Airport.

At the airport

The five of us wanted to do nothing but crawl right back into our warm beds, but we fought off the fatigue and were fortunate enough to have everything at the airport and the duration of the flight go incredibly smooth.  Esmeralda, Bianche, and I were somehow all TSA prechecked, which was pretty great. Our first flight was about an hour and a half, from Oakland to Phoenix. We immediately boarded our connecting flight to Philadelphia, which seemed much longer than it actually was. Throughout both flights, the five of us were seated by one another, making conversing with other people a bit more difficult; however we had an incredibly kind flight attendant named Julio who helped us quite a bit on our way to Philadelphia.Thankfully, I was assigned a window seat, making things slightly a bit more interesting. 
A must for any flight

After countless hours, we landed. Pennsylvania is entirely flat, in comparison to California, which has a little bit of everything. We quickly rented a car and found our way to the Sheraton Hotel. We checked in, and split up.  Kendra, of course, has a room to herself. Esmeralda and Bianche  are sharing a room, and that leaves Kelsey and I together. 

Right when I got off the plane, all I could think about was food. All I wanted was a nice, hot meal so I can finally feel somewhat energized after sitting for so long, but before that, I had to shower. We all cleaned up, got ready, and spent some time deciding where to go for dinner. We finally decided on a restaurant called The Axis, which was right across the street from our hotel. We listened to our stomachs and ordered a fair amount of food. I ordered a SMALL veggie calzone along with a salad; however when my meal arrived, it looked like a meal for four, rather than just one single person. Turns out, that's how all the portions are at the restaurant. Eating it was definitely a struggle, the cheese went all over the place, including  my eye. I was hoping no one saw, but as we know, things, never go according to plan.
We stuffed ourselves as much as we could and headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest.

It actually looks normal sized in the picture

Tomorrow is our one full day here in Philadelphia, and it is packed! I can't wait!

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