Sunday, July 23, 2017

Tourists For a Day

Today was our last day in Philadelphia. I was partially glad, and partially disappointed, but  mostly glad because it was far, far too hot  to stay any longer. I somehow ended waking up at 5:30, half an hour before my actual alarm. I stayed in bed for another 15-20  minutes,  and finally got up to get ready when my alarm actually rang. Kelsey and I were both ready by 7:30, and once the others were ready we left to get breakfast. W went to the same place as yesterday, because it was genuinely that good, also close by.

After breakfast we had about 4 hours left before we needed to head off to the airport. Since we were unable to tour Penn yesterday, we decided to spend some time doing that today. The campus itself was absolutely gorgeous, you could definitely see the age of the university through it's architecture. Many of the buildings reflected gothic era styles. There was plenty of greenery, which I always appreciate. After a bit of walking around we proceeded to have a little photoshoot with many of the Penn landmarks, such as the love sculpture, and Benjamin Franklin's statues as well. With all of our clothes sticking to us, we decided it'd be a good idea to head back to our hotel and freshen up a bit.

2 hours remaining, we went to the place I was most excited to visit: the Reading Terminal Market. I love food, like really really love food. so stepping foot into that market was definitely a great experience. Everywhere you would look you could find entirely different cuisines, as well as many shops with hand crafted items. There were so many different colors, different aromas, and definitely a ton of people. It was extremely crowded, but it reminded  me of how the markets back in Pakistan would be. Realizing we didn't have much time left, we decided to head to a place across the street for lunch, knowing the lines at the market were just far too long.

We went to the hotel for one last time to check out. We all double checked our items, and made our way to the airport. That day was especially hotter than our other two nights in Philly, so I was ready to leave. After returning our luggage and getting our baggage checked, we learned that our flight would be delayed for about an hour or so, and so we worked on drafting our blogs and uploading pictures to mediafire. After boarding the plane, we got comfortable, and I,  a bit too comfortable. From the moment the flight took off to the moment we landed in Providence, I slept like a baby. I initially didn't even realize the difference, as most runways look the same.

If there's one thing I immediately noticed, it was that the air was much cooler in Providence than compared to Philadelphia, which was something I definitely was not complaining about. There was also a lot more greenery as well. As we began driving at Brown, my excitement continue to grow. We finally arrived in Providence around sunset, and we saw the most beautiful sight: Waterfire. The Providence river was lined up with large torches of fire, and there hundreds of people there watching. We did run a bit late, but still tried our best to make it there before it was over.

Checking in and getting our room keys was a bit nerve wracking I must admit. Whether or not I'd be in the same building as my cohort, whether I had a single or a double was all going to be determined in just a few minutes. We all received our room cards and were relieved to find out we were in the same building, Perkins Hall. I dropped off my luggage and didn't look around  to much since we had to rush over to Waterfire, which as I already mentioned, was quite a beautiful sight. It began sprinkling, yet it was warm, unlike home. It felt really nice. People had food and gift shops set up all along the streets, and the overall atmosphere was very relaxing.

Afterwards, we worked on our blogs at Kendra's hotel. Once we came back to our dorm, I realized how empty it was. Check in day would be the next day, so there were only a handful of people in the whole 3 story building. It made me miss home a bit, but I ended up sleeping great as usual.

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