Sunday, July 23, 2017

Abandoning Zunarah for Good!

This morning I found out that I was extremely lucky because my dorm room is right across from a bathroom with showers. I literally just have to go walk out my door and then take two steps into the restroom. So, this morning I got up at 8:45 AM and took a shower with the showers just outside my dorm. I'm very grateful that I don't have to walk that far to get to the bathroom. I'm also on the top floor so I have a very nice view to look at out the window.

So, since there isn’t any type of AC in the dorms, my cohort and I woke up this morning and went straight to Faunce House to pick up our rental fans. Last night was extremely hot, so I was so overjoyed that I could have some sort of ventilation now. On the way to the house we checked in and I even got a pair of free sunglasses which was nice since I don’t own any and it was really bright outside so they definitely came in handy.

Then we dropped off the fans in our dorm we headed over to get brunch at a place called The Grange. It was a vegetarian and vegan place. The entire set p of the place was super adorable and cute. There were hanging swings you could sit on. IT was just a really cool place. After being seated me and Zunarah ended up getting the same thing to eat again. We laughed about how we have the same taste in food and music. We have also even been coincidently wearing similar outfits. It’s really funny how alike me and Zunarah actually are. I’m so happy that me and Zunarah have become such great friends, she is honestly the best! I always find myself dying of laughter with her and having really great conversations. I love Zunarah!

After eating our brunch and chatting we paid the bill and got up. Zunarah had to leave to the restroom so Bianche, Esmerelda, and Kendra decided to prank Zunarah by leaving her and going to the car. Then we all hopped into the car and waited for her to come out. It was hilarious because when she walked out she looked so sad and lost. She was looking all around and trying to find the car. She was even looking straight at us. Kendra’s laughter was contagious and we were all laughing super hard. Kendra even started to tear up. Then she finally saw us and walked over to the car.

On our way back that we headed over the Brown bookstore and bought souvenirs. I got a comfortable and soft hoodie. I also bought gifts for my family back home. The book store was really cool, and had so many different hoodies, jackets, mugs, and so much more.

It was almost time for our orientation to start so we all ran to the auditorium. The orientation was super helpful, and explained all the resources that Brown has to offer. I learned about which numbers to call for emergencies, or if I get locked out of my room. Then the RA’s came up to the stage from each hall. One by one they introduced themselves, and told everyone which rooms they oversaw. After My RA’s name is Imani and is super sweet. After each hall went up we all dispersed into our groups and had ice breakers. Everyone is super nice and friendly in my group and there are even two girls from California. Imani explained to everyone where to meet up for the dinner and what time curfew was.

During my group’s meet up I finally met my roommate. Her name is Madeline and super cool! Something that I found interesting about her is that she can speak fluent Spanish, even though it isn’t her native language. She’s also from Virginia which is interesting. I hope that I get to know Maddie better and we can become great friends.

At 7:00 PM Zunarah and I headed out to the dining hall called the “Ratty” which is strange name for a dining hall. They had plenty of vegan options so we both were very happy. The food was alright, but wasn’t amazing.

Later that day after dinner, we went to the Activities fair, where you could sign up for clubs and meet new people. At the activities fair me, Zunarah, and Esmerelda all hung out and checked out all the clubs and organizations that will be offered for these two weeks.
At the activities fair.
Finally, we had enough of the fair and we walked back to Perkins Hall to have another group meet up and go over rules. We also each grabbed a paper puzzle piece cut out. On each paper puzzle piece, we wrote what we would want from everyone to feel comfortable in our hall. I wrote that I would like people to clean up after themselves and be respectful. Everyone in my group is getting along great, I didn’t expect everyone to be so friendly and open so I’m very content since I was a little worried about making friends.

Tomorrow is the first day of the Women and Leadership course and I’m pretty worried. I know that I’ll do fine but I always overthink everything and analyze things too deeply. I will end this blog with high hopes of a better day tomorrow. Despite being miles from home, as each day passes, I begin to enjoy myself more and more thanks to the wonderful people around me.

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