Sunday, July 30, 2017

Block Island more like Blocked this Island

This day we went touring in Block Island, which is an island south of Rhode Island. We took a ferry at 11 AM, and it was expected to be a 40 minute trip until we get there. I found a striking similarity between this ferry trip and the one I had the previous year in the Philippines, it was was a refreshing return to the past. I’ve always loved boat rides, and I have a habit of falling asleep in those rides too. It made the trip a lot quicker, and it almost felt like a blink of an eye.
This was the dock as we left.
When we arrived there, the heat felt unbearable even when I was wearing shorts and a tank top. The first thing we decided to do was eat, it was very difficult to find a menu that everyone was satisfied with- since the prices were high due to seafood and the choices were sparse. We eventually agreed on eating at Rebecca’s Seafood Take-Out.

Afterwards, we all agreed on Kelsey’s idea of going to the lighthouse that was half an hour away. I didn’t have anything against it, so we all agreed on sticking together instead of splitting up and going to the beach. There were many areas full of flowers, lakes, and brightly colored houses- looking back at it now, I should’ve suggested all of us to take pictures around the area but we were too busy walking to our destination.

Halfway through our walk, a guy with a bike drove up to Esmeralda and I and creeped us out. He said, “You two should hold hands, it would be safer”. We were both very shocked and heated by the weird comment he made, but he doesn’t stop there. He drives up to Zunarah and Kelsey, and tries to make a dangerous stunt right in front of them. They were a bit farther away from us, since the Esmeralda and I were struggling to keep up with our sandals.

This first encounter led to a chain of multiple ones across the trail, and each one left us more and more creeped out by him. I suggested we call the police but we were almost there so they dismissed it. We tricked him turning the other way as we walked, which led to him driving down the hill opposite to where we were going.

There was another encounter we had, but I think it was a different person. Kelsey- bless her heart- tried to lighten up the mood by playing a game where we would take turns forming a sentence by shouting out words. During one of these games, a guy from the bushes shouted at us in Spanish, we all ran as fast as we could to the nearest tourist site.

We were able to identify his presence through the sound of dangling keys (we checked if any one of us had keys, but we didn’t). The only time the sound completely stopped was after we came out of the cliff’s edge of the tourist sight and found a police car coming our way. It turns out that someone, or some people, reported a similar incident around the area before and they were there to investigate.
This was the cliff's edge we came to.
After a little bit, the four of us were picked up by a taxi Esmeralda called and dropped us off at the line of souvenir shops we started at. It took a while for us to recover, but Zunarah, Kelsey, and Esmeralda ended up spending time at the beach in order to destress. I decided to go with Kendra and look around the stores since I found the beach had too much loud music and weird smells.
I watched a little kid work on his sand sculpture before I left a few minutes after.
We didn’t do much after that, we ended the day going to the ferry and it took about two hours for Kendra to go past the traffic and drop us all off. The highlight of my day was probably dinner, since I was able to eat a tasty cheeseburger wrap right before we went into traffic.

This experience was definitely unsettling and unpleasant for all of us, I hope we will be able to avoid any other situations like this during the last few days in Providence.

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