Sunday, July 23, 2017

First Impressions Matter

We started off the day in search of a fan. We started off in the bookstore but were redirected to the checking area.

When we got there I took a second to go ahead and take my ID photo. We had originally tried to submit my photo but it was never approved or declined. So after Don contacted them we were assured that I would be able to take the photo here.

Next we headed out to eat breakfast with Kendra. We drove around looking for places, yet every
place we would pick had a line around the corner. We ended up going to a place called The Grange which is a Vegetarian/Vegan places. I ended up ordering a waffle with blueberries, citrus curd, and coconut whipped cream, a vanilla bean doughnut, and a mango smoothie. I am neither a vegetarian or vegan so it was out of my comfort zone that the waffle was vegan as well as the vegan whipped cream did not remind me of what I am used to. Most of all I missed bacon which I was looking forward to have.

After breakfast we headed back to the dorms to get some items. When I arrived to my room I found that my roommate had already arrived and set up her stuff. I was excited to meet her but she was nowhere to be found.

Our next activity was to go pick out survivors from the Brown book store. I believe we wondered around looking for about one and a half hour. I picked out a nice zip up. Then I picked up a hat for my friend Lynda who also attended the Brown Women & Leadership program last year and a few things for my family.

After realizing the amount of time we had spent we made our way to the student orientation held at Samson Hall. We were given a presentation on safety, rules, and we were introduced to the RAs. Next they separated us based on our RA.

My RA, Suzie, had us introduce ourselves. While we played several small games we were interrupted. The culprit, a pug by the name of Mr. Pickles. Pic (for short) was a delight his owners came by and allowed us to meet him and showed us all the amazing tricks he could do. We all fell in love with him.

Next we went out for dinner. During dinner I was finally able to meet my roommate Hannah. She lives within an hour of Brown and offered to help me learn the layout. We got along really well and I know we will have no problems.

Our last event of the day was an Activities Fair which turned out to be really insightful. We learned about a few clubs, as well as how to sign up for activates. I ended up joining two clubs; Latinx and Quidditch.

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