Monday, July 31, 2017

Stopping for a Drink

Today we meet for class at the Vartan Gregorian Quad.

When we arrived we began by getting into a line by order of birthdays. Next, we were partnered up with the opposite person in line so since I was in December I was partnered up with a Kelsey who was born in January. We began by doing a simple exercise of just answering questions that Mary Grace asked us, most of with Kelsey and I knew about each other.

Next we broke off into our groups and we were given a stack of cards. Using the cards we were tasked with building a card house. Building the base was not very hard; we manage to build the base to be pretty stable. We had a really hard time building up, and one of my team mates overestimated the base and caused it to topple to the floor. Quickly we moved on and rebuilt but ran into the same problem and could not build up.

Our next challenge was a scavenger hunt, which consisted going around to different resources centers on campus and getting photos of some people/families. I worked in my team which is one of the only groups of four, now our team was very split on our attitudes towards the hunt. When it was given to us Mary Grace did not call it a competition or say that we had to complete it. So myself and one of the other members, Thea, did not feel the need to be as competitive as our two other partners. So we took our time exploring the different places on campus and urged our teammates to actually go into the buildings and take pictures of the actual centers rather than outside in front of the doors and exploring what each place had to offer. Now it began to get very hot on the way to one of the buildings, Thea and I felt very thirsty and stopped to get something to drink at a cart to keep from overheating, but my competitive partners did not agree with the small stop. Now we when we stopped they did not convey their feelings so Thea and I did not know how they felt if we had known we would have been more mindful.

After coming back we headed out to lunch, where we had our lunch and learn. Today’s lunch and learn was to ask someone or a group what people came to mind when the words women in power were said. I asked a group of people who responded with a lot of celebrities. When I asked why they choose these they said that it was because they openly acknowledge the fight for women to be equal.

After lunch we had our Power Hour, this is where we have the opportunity to talk to many women in power and have a networking session. We spoke to many women the one who stood out the most to me was Kathy Toro. Ms. Toro is a Program Coordinator of the Pre-Professional Advising Center. Throughout the whole experienced I felt empowered because all of these women had made it and it was a really nice way to get contact information to be able to ask more questions down the road.
Some of the women(Left to Right): Yvonne Diabene, Cidny Umanzor, Emily Gonzalez,  Kathy Tameo,
Dr. Loren Intolubbe-Chmil, Dean Yolie Rome,Dean Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio, Imani Blake
In the front: Ashley Huntington

After class we all headed out to our Symposiums. Kelsey and I both had our symposiums around our Action Plans. We used the time to bounce ideas off of and question each other on possible questions or problems the other would run into. 

I ended the day with Imani for office hours. We ended up doing a face mask while talking about our action plans. As well as a few things I should do before leaving. 

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