Sunday, July 30, 2017

Block Island

Today's adventure took us to Block Island.

We began the adventure with a ferry ride to the island. This was my first ever ferry ride. In total the ride took about an hour. It was beautiful to see the waves and the outlines of the buildings.

Once we made it to land we grabbed a quick bite and a local place called Rebecca's. It was a nice small place with a large variety that had something for everyone. Once we finished our meal the girls and I began our journey to the bluffs.

On the way up we ran into two problems. During the first half of a trial a bicyclist tried to talk to us. He continued to follow us. We made a group decisions to head back down since he was going up. Once we turned around he also turned and went back down, so at that point we continued our journey up. During the last stretch we heard a voice from the other side of the bushes. The unknown person was speaking Spanish, but was not saying anything threatening. As we continued to walk the girls heard keys following our trail from the other side of the bush. That is when we began running to the bluffs where we know more people would be. Once we reached them we called for a taxi ride. While waiting for the taxi the police arrived and we described what happened.

After being driven down by the taxi we sat for a few moments to compose ourselves.

After rearranging our plans to leave on an earlier ferry we headed out to the beach. Kelsey and I began by getting used to the temperature on the calm side. After we didn't feel cold we headed to the other side with contained waves. We had so much fun jumping and swimming in the waves. It felt like a rollercoaster.

After the beach it was time to leave, hopping on the ferry we began our journey to the mainland. My fellow ILCers took advantage of the hour for a quick nap.

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