Saturday, July 22, 2017

Goodbye Pennsylvania, Hello Providence!

This morning was the most pleasant sleep I've had these three days, and I felt absolutely energized and ready for today's events. After I finished preparing myself up, we all moved our bags to Kendra's room and checked out the rest of the rooms. Within thirty minutes, we were already out of the door, walking to Corner Bakery to get some breakfast.

We found a really fierce lion, so I
decided to take some pictures with it.
Definitely my favorite picture of the day.
We traveled to take pictures at the UPenn campus, and captured most of our photos at monumental sites. The first site we took shots in were with the bench of Benjamin Franklin. Then, we took photos on the "LOVE" monument. We also took group pictures posing inside of a humongous button, and another with a brass peace sign. Though the day was incredibly hot and humid, we enjoyed posing for the photos and I believe they turned out really well.

In the Reading Traveling Market I expected it to be a large store full of thrift books. Instead, they had lots and lots of food. I felt hungrier by the minute, seeing all of the delicious cuisines and desserts. I found several of the vendors pretty interesting, such as the bee store and the cook book store. But, I decided not to buy anything because most of them were very sugary or spicy. I decided to stick with Zunarah and Kelsey and traveled throughout the building. Not long though, Kendra texted us to return back to the car to discuss what we wanted for lunch. 
The restaurant we found was a veggie burger place called the Luxe Burger Bar. The food was savory and delicious, and unlike most Philadelphia servings, it wasn't too much for me. I found myself wanting to go back there and getting another order an hour later, but we were already getting ready to leave for our flight to Rhode Island. 

When we got there, we found out our flight was delayed by 40 minutes, we were all disappointed. We had an extra hour to spare, and had nothing to do. In order to occupy ourselves, we decided to work on uploading our pictures on MediaFire and writing drafts for our blogs. When we finally boarded the flight, I was surprised by how short it was, and by the time I finished playing ten or twelve rounds of solitaire on my phone, we were already landing.

Many of us expected to check in early and take some time to rest before going to the WaterFire event. I didn't think much about it, though, because I wasn't too excited about WaterFire in the first place. We all turned our attention to checking into the Brown dorms, which surprisingly didn't take very long. I received my student ID and dorm key, along with an envelope containing my schedule, a school map, cafeteria menu, and a welcome letter. After skimming through all of them, I placed them on my desk and packed my bag to go to the WaterFire event, then to Kendra's hotel.
It was difficult to capture the people kayaking with the glowing fish, this was my best shot.
Many Rhode Island tourists had a relaxing time watching the blazing fires that stood on top of the calm waters.
Luckily, we were able to still see the event despite being late. The fire's warmth and the mild rain sprinkles made me feel very relaxed, the music they played also soothed my nerves for the night. I bought a couple of gifts and souvenirs since there was a festival in the middle of the event. Afterwards, we ate dinner and returned to Kendra's hotel to blog. Today was an eventful introduction to Providence, Rhode Island. I'm looking forward to seeing Brown University's campus tomorrow!

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  1. Luxe Burger is one of the places I was going to put on your itinerary as an option. Our people go there all of the time.