Saturday, July 29, 2017

Whew, What a Zoo!

Today we all traveled to the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which was a very sudden but exciting change from the Newport Mansions. The Roger Williams Park is a historical site, it's one of the oldest zoos in the country. Kelsey, Zunarah, Esmeralda, and I met up with Kendra in the Biltmore hotel, and even though we were on time, Kendra ended up being late by more than half an hour because she had to get breakfast. Afterwards, she gave us tickets to the shuttle that was located across the street. In about twelve minutes, our shuttle arrived to take us to our destination.
I liked how my outfit also matched the shuttle seat colors.
 We got there, we arrived about half an hour later. I would have been more excited, but it was freezing cold and I only had a thin jacket throughout the whole tour. I struggled keeping body warmth when we walked around, I ended up having to stay indoors to keep warm.

After a few minutes of discussion in the bathroom, we decided to go through the zoo by following the trail that went in a circle. We started on the route of Africa, the first thing we saw was the bison area then the cheetah enclosure. Zunarah pointed out how the cheetahs were attracted by the bison, and it was really cruel that their cages were right next to each other.

Afterwards, we visited the play area and treehouses that were at the end of the Africa route. The play structure was very unique, especially with the tree houses in the zoo. The tree houses had several mechanisms that I usually don’t see in amusement parks and historical sites. For example, there was a machine controlled by four wheels which controls the leaf painted glass and makes them go in circles.
I always thought red pandas were bigger.

The next place we went through was the Asia route, which had several animals that I remembered from the Kung Fu Panda movies. Most of the animals- such as the crane, rattlesnakes, red pandas, and moon bears- were species I've never scene before. I was excited to see and interact with them.

Zunarah and I both had a favorite animal we were looking for. While I became jittery and excited to see the snakes in the zoo, Zunarah also had a passion for goats and similar species with it. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to hold any of the snakes there because they were venomous. But I'm glad Zunarah was able to interact and touch the goats there.
This rattlesnake kept on looking at me, I was surprised.
It was nice seeing snakes after a long time, I really love them.
The rest of the day was spent preparing my Action Plan, which is definitely robotics and engineering based. I've talked to several of my classmates and they were willing to discuss the project with me. I was glad to have such hard working friends, even though we came from different backgrounds all over the world.

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