Monday, July 31, 2017

The Great Hunt!

Today within our groups we were told to do a scavenger hunt, and to find certain things. Ask people what internationality was, find a family visiting brown, and visit some attractions and great places on campus. So right off the bat my group mate and I became very competitive and wanted to finish everything on the list before everyone else. However the other two members of my group weren't competitive and were very relaxed. One of the rules was to stay as a group. Me and my group mate found this challenging since we were literally running to some places and the other two in my group were behind us chatting casually. 
 K.A.T.E. group with the lovely Mary Grace!
There was one point when my group mates even stopped at a nitrate coffee stand. Me and my competitive group mate wanted to move on without them but remembered that we had to stay as a group. So one difficulty we ran into was learning how to make sure everyone is working towards the same goal and having common purpose. I think that we needed to have better communication and explain what each person wanted to accomplish.
Group warm-up

After the time was up, we weren't able to complete every task on the list but we did complete a lot. After the hunt was over it was a time or our lunch and learn. For today's lunch and learn we had to ask strangers what names came to mind when we asked about women in positions of leadership. For the group I asked they said Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, and Hilary Clinton. This wasn't that much of a surprise to me so then I went over to another group and asked them. I got a better reaction with this group because instead of listing off famous people or celebrities, they listed family members. This response made me happier because I liked how people could think of a leader as just a regular person and not a famous one. It made me feel like being a woman in a position of leadership wasn't uncommon and is easily achievable. 

After discussing our lunch and learn, we decided to network with fourteen amazing women in positions of leadership. The amazing women we met were:

  • Ms. Imani Blake, a leader fellow
  • Ms. Princess Bomba, Director of Unity and Diversity at the Wheeler School
  • Dean Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio, associate Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards
  • Ms. Yvonne Diabene, Undergraduate Student
  • Ms. Emily Gonzalez, Program Director at College Visions
  • Ms. Ashley Huntington, Leader Felloww
  • Dr. Loren Intolubbe-Chmil,  Executive Director of JWU Global at Johnson & Wales University
  • Ms. Renata Mauriz, Undergraduate Student
  • Ms. Christina Phllips, Prograam Director of the International Student Experience 
  • Dean Yolie Rome, Associate Dean of the College for First-Year and Sophomore Studies
  • Dr. Felicia Salinas-Moniz, Assistant Director of the Sarah Doyle Women's Center
  • Ms. Kathy Tameo, Chief of Staff and Director of the Finance & Administration
  • Ms. Kathy Toro, Program Coordinator of Pre-Professional Advising Center
  • Ms. Cindy Umanzor, Senior Manager for Research & Development at Pro--Change Behavior Systems, Inc
After meeting some of these amazing women and learning about their stories, I couldn't help but feel so inspired and appreciative. They all have such inspiring stories and showed me that you don't have to be president of the united states to be considered a women in a position of leadership. Even if you are just in a position of leadership for something in your community that is still big. I am so proud of these women and can confidently say that they have all become role models for me. I can also say that the women that I am surrounded by in my class are also amazing individuals that inspire me everyday. I have learned so much from them and continue to everyday. This is my last week of this program and I can't help but already start to miss the faces I've gotten so familiar with and have come to love. I am going to try and make the most our this week and cherish every moment of it. 

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