Sunday, July 30, 2017

Island Bluffs

Me and Esmerelda got up super early this morning since we thought we were meeting up with Kendra at her hotel. Instead I later learned she was picking us up at our dorms. I was a little irritated with myself since I wanted to sleep in so badly.

Today we were taking the ferry to Block island. I navigated the way there while everyone else slept in the car. Ever since this trip started I have become a great navigator, before I was used to letting someone else do the navigating but now that I have been up to the task I’ve really improved my skill.

Once we arrived at the port we boarded the ferry. We got good seats on top looking out at the water. The movement of the boat makes some people sick but it's really relaxing for me. I could sleep so well to it. It's like sitting in a rocking chair for me or like a cradle. The water was a deep blue color with calm waves, and sea gulls flew above our heads. There was a slight breeze blowing against my skin, which felt like a caress on the check, the ride was so relaxing it felt like I went to the spa. On the way there I sang Beatles songs and talked to Kendra about various topics. It was such a beautiful day! The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. 

It was great to be out on the water again. I honestly don’t think I could live too far in land. I need there to be water around or near me. That’s why I love the coast so much. I can visit the great big ocean whenever I want. 

Block Island is located off the coast of Rhode Island. The island was named after the Dutch explorer “Adriaen Block”. It is in the Atlantic Ocean and 13 miles south Rhode Island.

Once we docked at the island we decided to grab lunch at Rebecca's, I got monster veggie wrap. It was pretty good. We decided to walk to the Mohegan Bluffs. The Mohegan Bluffs are huge clay cliffs about 150 feet high, sited on the southern shore of Block Island. They got their title from the battle of the Niantic and the Mohegan. The battle was over control of the island, and the interfering Mohegans were forced over the bluffs to their death by the native Niantic.

On the way, up to the bluffs it was extremely hot and I was sweating bullets. However, the scenery was absolutely breath taking so I couldn’t complain.
Then we went to the beach, I went into the water with Esmerelda since we were the only ones who knew how to swim. We first went into a calm part to just get used to the freezing temperatures. It was really cold but with a bit of determination we were able to get in quickly. I taught her how to duck and dive into a wave so that you won't be taken away or slammed onto the ground. It was really fun jumping on the waves despite the stinging salt in our eyes.

We swam at the beach until it was time to go back on the ferry. Once we were back on the ferry thee swaying of the boat and peaceful waves got to me and I ended up falling asleep on the ferry. I almost fell forward a few times when I was falling asleep. Eventually I found something to lean on and got a little shut eye. 

Seeing this island was really interesting and fun. I am so glad that I was able to visit such a beautiful place.

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